The calendar in Laos


Laos is aimed, as we are, according to the "Gregorian Calendar" which is a solar calendar.
The Lao New Year is, however, as calculated in Thailand, according to the lunar calendar.
The lunar calendar is the Buddhist era calendar and begins in 2456.
If a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday,
it will be moved to the previous or following working day.


The Holidays in Laos




 1. January

 New Year


 6. January

 Pathet Lao Day


 20. January

 Army Day


 22. March

 Day of the party


 14. April

 Lao New Year

  Water Festival

 1. May

 Labor Day


 1. June

 Children's Day


 13. August

 Lao Issara


 2. December

 Independence Day